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Duration: 28 hours


Feng Shui is a symbolic language.
Feng Shui speaks about Natural and a healthy life in all places we enjoy most: our house, our office, our classroom…
The faster the human being opens the doors of Natural world, the quicker he gets a healthy life, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
In the West, nowadays, we are controlled by remote controls, we eat fast foods and we are too worried about technological progresses.
We are moving away from the natural world, by being surrounded by artificial things, by exposing us to high levels of pollution and even the products we eat are harmful for our health.
Although there are advantages to modern times, we also created a life style that doesn’t respect the Natural world.
For many of us, the contact with Natural world is no longer important.
Feng Shui inspires us to understand the natural world, which means a closer relationship with human life.
When we move into a new home, only few people take attention to the outside space, the garden.
The human being can never be happy without contact with Natural world, as he was born from it.
Feng Shui studies the Energy’s Movement, which affects all areas of our life.
Everything is made by Energy.
Energy is everything that has life.
Feng Shui is connected to the invisible world that is so important to our well-being.
What we can feel is more important than what we can see.
Everything that is important to the human being has been forgotten.
Truth, faith, love, friendship, confidence, hope, peace, happiness joy, graciousness, creativity, courage, the contact with Natural world, etc…
Feng Shui studies the ambience where we live, where we work, the way they affect our emotional, mentally, spiritual and physical side.
The major purpose of Feng Shui is to create our future, making our wishes come true.
Feng Shui was born in China for more than 4000 years.
It means in English “Wind and Water”, two natural elements.
We know that both are very important to us.
Without air, we die in seconds.
We can survive for weeks without food, but without water, we have no chance to.
Wind and Water speak about the ancient search for Humanity and for Home.
To ask someone if he believes in Feng Shui is the same thing as asking if he believes in time.
It’s not a question of faith; it’s a fact of life.
When we introduce Feng Shui in our lives, we can only benefit from it.
When we start to change what bothers us, we become a better vision of ourselves and become more happy.
Feng Shui is connected with all the areas of our life.
Feng Shui offers many aspects of Good Luck: Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Professional Success, Happy Marriage, Harmony in Family, the Help of influential People, Life of Recognition, good Reputation, etc, etc…
Homes are a manifestation of our inner side, so if we start to take care of our interiors, the exterior will become an expression of our joy.
Feng Shui inspires us to understand why homes are a mirror of our life.
Homes where we live show our experiences, our thoughts and our dreams.
The relationship we have with our home is personal, symbolising our own personality.
The majority of human beings aren’t aware of the fact that our home has a big impact in our life.
Consciously or unconsciously, we choose our home to live as well as choosing to decorate it.
Home is a live picture of everything we are, about our life.
Our homes are alive.
Feng Shui is the art of working the energy of our home, in order to feel happier.
Feng Shui offers us hope and brings peace to our lives.
Feng Shui teaches us to love our planet, our home and our body unconditionally.

Learning program

  • Introduction to Feng Shui
  • Importance of Feng Shui in the 21st century
  • How does Feng Shui work
  • Chinese Astrology – Self-knowledge
  • Bagua
  • Feng Shui Symbols
  • Using Feng Shui colour
  • Feng Shui in Interior designer
  • Bagua / Garden
  • Feng Shui Project

Support documentation for students of the Professional Course.
After attending this course, presented the Feng Shui project, you receive a Professional Feng Shui Certificate.
A limited number of students is accepted in this course so all can share and exchange experiences.


My first contact with Feng Shui was in the year of 1997, at a conference in London with thousands of people.
The speaker was Lillian Too, a great Asian woman who brought Feng Shui to West.
I did my first trip to Australia in 1998, I got the chance to visit a fabulous country, Singapore, where foundation is based on the principles of Feng Shui.
In the same year, in Australia, I did my first Feng Shui course.
In 1998, I travelled to China, searching for the roots of Feng Shui.
I had the privilege to visit the most emblematic places of Feng Shui, the Forbidden City and the Wall of China, etc…
In the same year, after a long journey studying Feng Shui, I started teaching Feng Shui.
In 2005, I visited Lillian Too at her home, in Kuala Lumpur, to get to know her.
Lillian Too has a international success career, all her books are sold in every country, even in small bookshops in any Airport of the world.
Just like any successful person, Lillian Too is a simple, friendly person.
To be at her home with her family was a privilege.
Feng Shui followed by Lillian Too is 100% Asian.
Once again, visiting Lillian’s home, I could feel that our home is a reflection of our life.
In Lillian’s home in Kuala Lumpur, there was Buddha’s everywhere.
In her hall, there was a gold Buddha that is same size as Lillian, who is the devotion of Tibet’s Buddhism.
The Feng Shui, was born in China more than 4000 years, but then it was adapted to Europe, where we live.
Our way of living is very different from the Asian way.
Some characteristics are peculiar in Asian culture, so they can’t be reproduced in the West.
Unfortunately, that happens all the time.
People bring home objects that don’t belong to the European culture and don’t even belong to their personal history.
To use Feng Shui doesn’t necessarily mean to bring Asia into our homes, but to bring love, peace and tranquillity.
If you really want to know more about Feng Shui, search for a Professional in Feng Shui.
Always keep in mind that the key to happiness is in our home.
Be careful with Chinese characters, as you don’t know what they mean.
Those words, just like in another language, might not have a good energy.
Feng Shui taught me many things and ways.
Feng Shui was a big discovery in my own life journey.
Thank you Feng Shui!

Extract from the book: CASA FELIZ = VIDA FELIZ, Anabela Oliveira, Ph.D.