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What is a Professional Interior Designer?

To be a Interior Designer in the twenty-first century is a big responsibility, demands professionalism and awareness that we are interfering in the private life of clients.
Interior Design can bring the best to the client’s life.
Nowadays homes are very different.
We can find big homes, old or modern, little flats… However all kind of homes demand a personalized study.
As it was mention before, a badly used colour in a bedroom or a simple decorative object with bad energies in a room can attract unhappiness to a person’s life.
For this reason, we can only trust in a Interior Designer, not a Decorator, who is someone that doesn’t have a professional qualified education.
A Interior Designer helps and gives advices to clients in order to have a decorated home according to the needs and taste of them, with the intention that they can be happier.
The client can see a friend in the Interior Designer.
The citizen of the twenty-first century has the right to have a home, where he sue feels wonderful and where they can rest at the end of a working day.
With that in mind, it’s important to be inspired by a friend, in this case, the help of a Interior Designer.
The common citizen thinks that a Interior Designer is someone who decorates homes like museums, charges a lot of money and uses very expensive decorative objects.
Of course, the Interior Designer can decorate a home like a museum, but only if it’s the client’s desire.
Now, clients prefer to have comfortable and pleasant homes, where they can feel tranquillity, running from stress and from the problems of daily life.
In order to become a friend of someone, we need to know their taste, daily habits, how they relate to other people, in other words, we need to know their personality well.
Today, people don’t have time to make friends, to decorate the home, to contact a plumber, an electrician and other essential professionals to keep the home nice.
The Interior Designer is someone who works jointly with other professionals, such as, supervisors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, locksmiths, upholsterers, dressmakers, housekeepers, etc…
The client hopes that the Interior Designer does something creative and special.
The home must be planned carefully, according to the clients needs and taste.
In other words, the client hopes that home, where he sue is going to live, is a sign of his her own personal history and reflection of his her one life.
Someone once said: “No one has a bad taste; each of us have our own taste, according to our personal history. The respect for others is essential”.
The Interior Designer offers personalized work, planning everything according to the home and the client.
The Interior Designer uses his imagination to create a unique home.
To choose the best and the most suitable materials to each home has an enormous impact on the well-being of the client.
Respecting sustainable materials and organics products, renew or furnish a home allows the interior designer to improve the quality of the occupants life.
It’s not when the home is completely built that we are going to add lighting points to have wall lamps.
A Interior Designer can always work together with Architects and Engineers.
If everything is well planned and according to the client’s needs, the result can only be excellent.
Many people may think that a computer does the same work as a Interior Designer, this isn’t truth.
Interior Designer work is 100% creativity.
For a Interior Designer the computer is just a work instrument.
For all those reasons, the work of a Interior Designer is becoming more and more important and required on twenty-first century.
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